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Clinical Curriculum for Subspecialty Training in Neurosurgical Oncology

The Neurosurgical Oncology (NO) Fellowship is intended to supplement the core residency training in neurosurgery providing advanced knowledge and skills with a higher level of expertise in NO. This fellowship is intended to include both clinical and educational training such that the following educational objectives are met:

  1. Knowledge in basic sciences including anatomy, physiology and pharmacology pertinent to the clinical management of patients with brain, skull, spinal cord or spinal tumors.

  2. Knowledge of the pathophysiology, natural history and epidemiology and clinical manifestations of the various disorders in NO, particularly those subject to treatment by a neurosurgeon.

  3. A thorough understanding of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management of NO patients including intensive care and post-operative management strategies for additional therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, that may be required.

  4. Knowledge and skills for competent performance of open NO procedures as well as knowledge for medical management alternatives including:

    1. Knowledge in technical aspects of NO including microneurosurgical techniques, image guided resections, endoscopic resection of tumors, intra-operative brain mapping, and fundamentals of spinal and cranio-cervical stabilization.

    2. Knowledge in the various intraoperative neurophysiologic and NO monitoring techniques.

    3. c) Detailed understanding and technical skills for performance of cranial base exposures and indications for their utilization.

  5. Basic understanding of principles of radiosurgery and indications for its use as well as contra-indications in NO.

  6. Sufficient training to be competent in the interpretation of neurosurgical oncology imaging studies including CT, SPECT, PET, MRI, MRA, MRV, fMRI, and MEG.

Updated 10/20/2004

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